Kerry Thomas, M.Ed., LPC

Compassionate partnership for a better life.

Individual counseling 

I believe that the development of a trusting and compassionate relationship between a client and their therapist is the most essential aspect of therapy. Working from a foundation of mutual trust and respect, we can build the kind of collaborative relationship essential to making therapy highly effective at reducing emotional suffering and improving your life, relationships, work, and mood.

I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. I often find that clients seek counseling most frequently for help in resolving struggles in their relationships or for support while they are in the midst of big life transitions. However, human beings are so complex and life is so dynamic that the list of reasons that bring clients to therapy is long. 

Our conscious beliefs and expectations about ourselves and others influence us emotionally every day. However, our unconscious beliefs, assumptions, and expectations not in our awareness can cause us to repeat old, self-defeating patterns. These thoughts can limit us without our even being aware of them; causing pain and frustration. Therapy allows us the opportunity to explore and change these perspectives that may be holding us back and keeping us from living the life we long for.

I like to work with my clients from a holistic perspective; incorporating Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic Therapy, self-empowerment techniques, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness practices, particularly when dealing with long standing emotional regulation issues.  You will gain an understanding of the effectiveness of all of these tools, and you will have the freedom to choose the ones that work for you.

Here you will learn all about taking back control of your brain. You will gain tools and techniques for mastering your mind so that you can begin to live a positive, balanced and happier life.