Kerry Thomas, M.Ed., LPC

Compassionate partnership for a better life.

When we are in conflict with the people we love the most it can be truly painful. Most of us have never been shown what a healthy relationship looks like in terms of relating to one another and working through issues. Fear, our egos, and shame can all get in the way. Once a pattern of unhealthy relating has been established, it can be hard to change on our own with so many hurt feelings and misunderstandings, which is usually when we discover we need help. The tension between us and our partners can make it hard to feel heard and understood. As a neutral third party, I’m here to help you listen to each other in a supportive and safe environment where both parties can find understanding. In this calm environment we can work together to find a peaceful resolution, allow for both people to get the understanding you need and establish healthier ways of relating. I am here to help you both feel supported and more able to respond to the situation at hand in a thoughtful and bigger-picture view, and to slowly decrease the tendency to simply react to problems in ways that are unhelpful to the relationship.

Issues I work with:

- Communication difficulties and feeling misunderstood

- Anger and aggression (physical and verbal)

- Unresolved and re-occurring arguments

- Differences in expressions of intimacy, and the giving and receiving of pleasure

- Premarital Counseling

- Rebuilding trust