Kerry Thomas, M.Ed., LPC

Compassionate partnership for a better life.

Every client, couple and family unit are unique. Because of this, I match the therapeutic approach that I feel will most likely result in practical and sustainable solutions. My approach to therapy blends family systems, cognitive-behavioral, depth-oriented, mindfulness-based principles and practices. Therapy goals are discussed during the first sessions and tracked along the way in order to ensure that therapy is productive.


I believe that whatever the circumstances, people are always doing the very best that they can. I believe that each of us has the innate ability and desire to lead a fulfilling life and have satisfying relationships. I believe that psychotherapy is something that everyone could benefit from; having a non-judgmental, compassionate person with a well informed understanding of human behavior who can help us process our feelings and circumstances in order to find a better path. Psychotherapy is one of the few places where individuals can allow themselves total freedom to explore and express themselves in a deeply personal way. In order to facilitate this, I work to create an emotionally safe, non-judgmental and caring environment in which clients can share their circumstances and develop increased self-awareness.  


A humanistic approach informs my practice of counseling and therapy. My style is warm, collaborative, engaging, playful, direct, and flexible. My work is inspired by a deep passion and dedication to service toward understanding human psychology and human relationships. I encourage open dialogue and feedback regarding what you find helpful. I do not see the therapist’s role as that of judge or 'expert'. Rather I believe that the therapist and client must work together to help the client come to their own personal resolutions.

My intention is to create a collaborative partnership that enables clients to move away from self-blame and judgment and supports them in finding solutions that are consistent with their values and beliefs.

I enjoy working with clients who are ready to make a commitment to improving their lives and are looking for a deeper understanding of themselves and the behavioral and thought patterns which may be hindering their success. I help clients to examine their own thinking and histories in order to remove the obstacles that keep them from achieving their goals.

Clients can expect to be met with warmth, nonjudgmental compassion and empathy during our counseling sessions.